Q&A about Novel Coronovirus (For the General Public)

April 4, 2020

2  Basic Government Policy (announced February 25, 2020)

Q3.  What are the objectives of the Basic Policy on Novel Coronavirus Infection Control (announced February 25, 2020)?


Up to now, the government has taken various measures to prevent or delay the invasion of the novel coronavirus into Japan, including the border management measures (1. in the Figure).


As of now, sporadic cases of patients with unknown transmission routes have occurred in multiple regions in Japan, and “small patient clusters”  have been identified in some regions (“Small patient cluster” refers to a group of patients whose infection routes are being tracked, ranging from a few patients to several dozens of patients).


From this, we recognize that we have entered a period when we must curb the expansion of the infection and prevent mass outbreak of the disease (2. in the Figure).  Now is the critical time to stop the epidemic of infection, and by taking certain and effective measures we must prevent the emergence of new clusters from current ones.


In order to minimize the impact on society and the economy, it is essential to "suppress the rate of increase in the number of patients" and "reduce the scale of epidemic and the peak number of patients" (3. in the Figure).


In the meantime, in case the number of patients increases significantly,  it is necessary to put in place the necessary systems such as a medical provision system in order to respond to severely ill patients (国内 in the figure).


For this reason, the government issued the “Basic Policy on New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control” on February 25, based on current measures and considering necessary measures needed in the future. 


Link to Basic Policy (in Japanese):  https://www.mhlw.go.jp/content/10900000/000599698.pdf